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This is a guide for users to learn step-by-step how to stake their $DOTs using different wallets. Before explaining how to stake, let’s first look at what is Polkadot and how to buy $DOT.

How to stake Crypto.com CRO with Ubik Capital validator and earn up to 12,37% per year

CRO is the exchange coin of crypto.com, and the native token of two blockchains: Cronos and Crypto.org Chain, built by Crypto.com.

Everything is Blockchain

The universe is interconnected in more ways than we can imagine. For instance, did you know there is a connection between the flowers in your backyard and spiral galaxies? Well, the link is that they all tend to conform to Fibonacci patterns.

Solana Deconstructed

Solana is a new and open-source project maintained by The Solana Foundation, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Solana offers a fast and high-performance platform for developing programs, creating transactions, and managing cryptocurrencies on a permission-less blockchain.

Regen Network: Integration of climate change in the cryptocurrency ecosystem

The carbon credit market is growing rapidly as major corporations such as oil companies and airlines set targets for reducing their carbon emissions. This market offers polluting companies a way to make their products and services ‘carbon neutral’ by purchasing credits from environmentally and ecologically sustainable businesses, such as wind farms.

A step by step guide on how to stake in Sentinel Network

Sentinel dVPN is the native token of the world’s first provably decentralized VPN (Virtual Private Network). As the VPN industry continues to blossom growing at a rate of %15 annually with a projection of the industry reaching a global market cap of $75 billion by 2030, Sentinel is helping users on its ecosystem capitalize on this growth with a staking opportunity.

Sentinel goes live to offer decentralized virtual private networks

Over the past few decades, internet use has grown significantly, offering people and organizations alike multiple benefits. With the number of people using the internet daily expanding rapidly, so does the information that they share. Over time, big tech companies have been increasingly threatening the internet’s ability to store and transmit information through censorship. Apart from this, such companies have been engaging in mass data collection, consequently violating the right to access information and privacy.

Injective Protocol: Tomorrow’s vision for decentralized exchanges

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is hot right now with excitement about the world of possibilities it unlocks. With every newly developed project looking to stand out, a variety of decentralized exchanges, lending and borrowing platforms, and liquidity mining aggregators have emerged.

Step-by-step guide on how to stake SOL on the Solana Network and a Keystore File.

Learn how to stake SOL, the native token of the Solana Network, in this step-by-step guide. We are using the SolFare wallet and a Keystore File in this guide.

Step-by-step guide on how to stake AKT on the Akash Network using your Ledger Nano S.

Learn how to stake AKT, the native token of the Akash Network, in this step-by-step guide. We are using the Keply wallet together with Ledger Nano S in this guide.

Step-by-step guide on how to stake NGM on the e-Money Network using your Ledger Nano S.

Anyone can stake NGM the native utility asset of the e-Money Network in a few simple steps.Learn how to stake NGM, the native token of the e-Money Network, in this step-by-step guide. We are using the official wallet together with Ledger Nano S in this guide.

Step-by-step guide on how to stake BAND on the Band Network using your Ledger Nano S.

Learn how to stake BAND, the native token of the Band Network, in this step-by-step guide. We are using the CosmoScan together with Ledger Nano S in this guide..

Step-by-step guide on how to stake ROSE.

Learn how to stake ROSE, the native token of the Oasis Network, in this step-by-step guide.

Step-by-step guide on how to stake SOL on the Solana Network using your Ledger Nano S.

Learn how to stake SOL, the native token of the Solana Network, in this step-by-step guide. We are using the SolFare wallet together with Ledger Nano S in this guide.

Band Protocol Fast Pacing Developments With Strategic Partnerships

Band Protocol facilitates infrastructure for the effective and accurate functioning of blockchain-enabled smart contracts network. The protocol facilitates cross-chain interoperability by enabling an oracle that supplies real-world data to and from smart contracts. Through the functioning of an oracle, it aims to build a decentralized bridge between smart contracts and the traditional web.

An Oasis In A Desert Of Vulnerable Data: The Oasis Protocol

Throughout the last twenty five years we have seen companies and political entities destroying our privacy through the vulnerability of data on the internet; companies and political institutions leverage this loophole in the internet to steal our information and sell them to third parties, the Oasis Protocol aims to nullify this notion. The Oasis Protocol aims to protect individual user’s data while allowing for new use-cases and applications surrounding DeFi and data.

Solana: The 65,000 TPS Blockchain: Warp Speed

Solana embodies the necessary components that will assist in the mass adoption of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Since the conception of blockchain, many different blockchain networks have dealt with one focal and pivotal issue; the issue of low TPS/scalability. Solana is a single-layer blockchain with peak transaction times of over 65,000 TPS and 400ms block times. Solana boasts not only rapid transaction times but also, Solana amalgamates impressive transaction times and extremely low transaction prices; only $.00001 of a cent to be exact.

Band Protocol’s Success In The Blockchain Ecosystem and Much Awaited Mainnet Launch

Smart contracts empowered with blockchain technology are a groundbreaking innovation of this century. The application of smart contracts on a number of domains from agriculture to finance is highly unprecedented. The implementation of smart contracts will create a dynamic layer built with automation and innovation.

Ubik Capital May Contribution Report

It was another good month for ICON as the ecosystem continues to grow! We are humbled to be a part of it and appreciate the strong support of the ICON community! We typically share what we are doing on our social media channels, but also thought it would be helpful to have everything in one place as well.

Memento DApp

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Brian Li (from Rhizome) and I were talking about DApp ideas recently and began to discuss the benefits of immutable, always-available, and secure images. There are many applications that could benefit from this, and I started working on a mobile DApp that stores images on the ICON blockchain. You can follow along with Github if you’re interested: https://github.com/thelionshire/MementoDApp.

Hands-On With MyICONWallet

MyICONWallet is a new mobile application for use in the ICON ecosystem. It is much more than just a wallet, and will help to enable further adoption and use of the ICON ecosystem! The application is built by ReliantNode, one of the most talented and innovative Public Representatives (P-Reps) in the ICON Ecosystem. MyICONWallet is smooth, intuitive, and elegant, and will be released very soon. Corey Costa and I had the privilege of getting early access and a hands-on look at this wonderful application and wanted to share our thoughts!

ICON ($ICX) Twitter Reach and Analytics

ICON ($ICX) continues to expand its reach across the world. Technical and social progress is being made daily as the already strong community continues to grow! I was interested to take a deeper look into the tweets about $ICX (which tags the ICX ticker on twitter). I explored the tweets over the past 7 days. I found the results very interesting. They show that ICON has far reach but also compelling in that we need to continue to work to expand ICON globally and to more diverse audiences (gender, age, etc). Fig. 1 shows the associated tags and emojis included with $ICX tweets. It is fitting that #ICONProject and helloiconworld are at the center (larger and closer to the center indicate a higher use).

ICON Swift Tutorial Series

(Part 1)

We are proud to announce a new series covering ICON development with Swift. This series is aimed at people who are familiar with ICON and want to build ICON DApps using Swift. If you’re using this tutorial, please consider applying for the ICON Hyperhack with your ICON development and compete to win $20,000 in prizes!

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Blockchain

In 4Q2019, Ubik Capital and Aero Systems West (ASW) partnered on a research and development effort to integrate blockchain into Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) operations. The initial focus areas of the effort were to increase the safety and security of commercial UAS operations, utilizing the cutting-edge ICON blockchain. This paper describes the background information for this project, and why it is a worthwhile area for research exploration and holds promise for future development and use. Additionally, this paper provides the current status of the project and the expected path forward.

ICON Hyperhack Hackathon: Ubik Capital Joins as a Sponsor

ICON Hyperconnect P-Rep is proud to announce that Ubik Capital will become a sponsor for the ICON Hyperhack Hackathon alongside the ICON Foundation and BlockArrow Capital. Ubik Capital will provide us with a $9,000 USD grant that will be paid out in $3000 USD installments over a period of 3 months.

ICON IISS 3.0 — further optimization of a strong ecosystem!

(Part 2 of 2)

IISS is the ICON Incentives Scoring System, originally designed and detailed in a yellow paper released on July 24th, 2019, by the ICON team. I described the current IISS system and areas of improvement in Part 1 of this series. Part 2 highlights the new IISS 3.0 and the advantages and growth I think it will bring to the ICON Ecosystem!

How to choose what ICON P-Reps to vote for?

The ICON network is growing everyday! Public Representatives (P-Reps) on the ICON Network have a responsibility to run and manage the ICON network. Voters have an opportunity to elect their chosen P-Reps by voting for them. In return for fulfilling these actions, voters are rewarded (roughly 16% annually for voting at the time of this writing) and P-Reps are rewarded (varies based on votes, but rewards can be seen on the ICON Community Webpage). This article outlines some ways to learn more about the different P-Reps and make informed voting decisions.

ICON IISS 3.0 — further optimization of a strong ecosystem!

(Part 1 of 2)

If you follow ICON in any capacity, you have likely seen the term IISS. IISS is the ICON Incentives Scoring System, originally designed and detailed in a yellow paper released on July 24th, 2019, by the ICON team. This 2-Part series of articles describes the original IISS system, some of the areas of improvement, and the advantages to the new IISS system (IISS 3.0)! Part 1 describes the current IISS system.

Governance, Collaboration, Vision: The ICON Paradigm

Since the conception of the decentralization paradigm of the ICON Ecosystem, we have seen numerous different partnerships being forged, collaborations between P-Reps and also, guidance and collaboration between P-Reps and the ICON Foundation as a whole. Successful initiatives that foster this new paradigm of cooperation can be seen through a variety of different events that have transpired in recent weeks; P-Rep governance meetings, ICON Governance Meetings, mutual collaboration between different P-Reps (examples being Espanicon translating podcasts and articles, Ubik Capital funding a grant for ICX Comics, ICX Station collaborating with Block42, the Consensus 2020 Event that saw over fifteen contributing to funding or participation in the event and many more).

Ubik Capital is a proud sponsor of ICX Comics!

Happy to announce our sponsorship of ICX Comics! The ICX Comics team is very talented and we look forward to the upcoming content they will produce. Ubik Capital is happy to support their efforts with our P-Rep rewards.

ICON Staking: Impressive Growth in the First 6 Months and the Bright Future Ahead!

It has been nearly 6 months since ICON staking began on August 26th, 2019. The time has flown by and much progress has been made during this time. I want to thank the hard work and vision of the ICON team, the support and spirit of the ICON community, the motivation of the developers building on the ICON ecosystem, and the dedication of ICON P-Reps for this progress. We wrote an article about the launch of initial staking, as it was a monumental event. We now take a deeper look into the first 6 months of ICON staking, what has transpired (price growth and everything else!), and what a bright future we believe ICON has.

Welcome Corey to Ubik Capital!

We are thrilled to announce Corey Costa is joining our team! Corey is a fellow ICON Ambassador and no stranger to the ICON community. His devotion and passion to the ICON Republic are second to none. In just a short time, Corey has successfully laucnhed a show called the Democratic Chronicles, written 8 high-quality articles on topics related to ICON, moderated P-Rep discussions, tweeted over 5,500 ICON-related tweets, and participated daily in ICON-related discussions with the community. The Democratic Chronicles has helped to dive further into details of ICON, as well as expanding it to new audiences and potential investors in ICON. The show boasts guests such as Ricky Dodds, Dr. ICON, RHIZOME, ICONation, Crypto Lark, Crypto Beadles, and Joe Blackburn of CCT. Corey also recently announced he is heading the first-ever ICON meetup in New York City later this year.

UBIK Capital ICON Drone Integration

In Fall 2019, our team partnered with Aero Systems West (ASW) to increase the safety and security of commercial drone operations utilizing the cutting-edge ICON blockchain. Both of our parties see the potential to improve commercial drone operations through the immutability and provenance of drone data stored on a blockchain (at the discretion and with approval from the owner of the data). The potential of using the ICON Network to provide Digital Identification (DID) for drones may line up very nicely with future rules that could be added to require “Remote ID” by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), discussed later in this article.

Unified Under Ubik Capital: An ICON Story

Hello ICONists, I wanted to shed some light on the matter of me leaving ICONVIET and joining Ubik Capital. For those of you who are unaware, I created a podcast surrounding this transition of events, however, I understand that some people may not have the time to watch a 15 minute podcast, so I decided to create a short article.

Banking On ICONbet: The Casino Of The 21st Century

In the flourishing and expansive ecosystem known as blockchain and cryptocurrency, a focal component of mass adoption must be the ability to conceive of decentralized applications that perpetuate and expand the overall usage and utility of blockchain platforms: ICONbet does just that. ICONbet is the leading ICON d’App and the first DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) built upon the ICON Republic.

UBIK Capital Governance Proposals

UBIK Capital is a team of dedicated ICONists working to be a voice for the community, further ICON ecosystem development, and increase the value of the ICON network. Our strategy is to increase value through technical contributions, community and business outreach, and also a focus on proper Governance. This article outlines five areas that we are considering to enhance ICON through Governance. We present these draft ideas in order to facilitate conversation and solicit feedback. We believe all ICONists should have the avenue to let their voice be heard. As such, we will create a forum topic for each of these proposals, carefully consider the feedback with regard to each topic, and then determine the best way to move forward.

UBIK Capital Node Monitoring and Alerting Strategy

With decentralization of the ICON Mainnet drawing near, it is imperative that node operators setup proper monitoring and alerting systems to ensure they can maintain node uptime. This keeps the ICON network secure, efficient, and avoids penalties. This article presents UBIK Capital’s monitoring and alerting system strategy. We hope the methods we use can be utilized by other teams that don’t yet have a similar system in place. Having a monitoring and alerting system is vital for any P-Rep team. These systems enable teams to quickly learn of and fix any node issues. Such a system can help ICONists vote with confidence, knowing the P-Reps they have allocated their votes too, are actively monitoring their node.

UBIK Capital ICON P-Rep Candidate Overview

UBIK CAPITAL is a team of people who are passionate about ICON and want to be a part of the extraordinary ICON ecosystem. We have 40+ years of experience in software development, program management, and system operations. We want to do our part to serve the ICON community through outreach, technical development, and of course, running a resilient ICON node!

Release the Kraken! ICON listed on prominent exchange

As Binance closes their doors to US Customers, a large amount of ICX trading volume goes away. However, as Alexander Graham Bell said, “when one door closes another one opens.” This quote rings true in the case of ICON: the open door comes as an ICX listing on the US-based Kraken cryptocurrency exchange. Kraken released a blog post stating they will list ICX on September 12th! Founded in 2011, Kraken ranks #6 on CoinGecko (shown below), and #4 in terms of 24H normalized volume ($100,096,725 at the time of this writing). While Kraken is based in the US, the exchange provides cryptocurrency trading services worldwide.

Have a DApp idea?

Have a DApp idea? Want to develop it but are not sure where to start? Need resources to help? UBIK Capital will help bring your DApp ideas to life with resources, education, and development assistance! https://www.goicx.com/

The ICON Decentralization, Price Magnification, Ethos of Elation

The P-Rep election is quickly coming to a close, and numerous ICONists have participated in the conception of a newly decentralized republican paradigm. Within the last three and a half weeks, over 120 million ICX are now staked across over fifty P-Rep teams. To put that into perspective, at the time this article was written, approximately 25 million dollars worth of ICX has now been staked and approximately 20% of the entire network has been staked.

Ubik Capital’s push for long-term staking rewards

Greetings ICONists! I have posted the following clarification of our long-term rewards policy in many different Telegram channels over the past several weeks. This is a copy and paste of information I’ve posted for the past few weeks (since before pre-vote). The information can be seen in section 2:

ICON Staking is here!

The highly anticipated launch of staking on ICON commenced at 0500 UTC on Aug 26! ICON updated the ICONex wallet and Public Representatives (P-Reps) registered on-chain to run in elections to become the decentralized leaders of the ICON Republic! Loyal ICONists began immediately staking and voting for their favorite P-Reps through the ICONex interface. The early voters are being rewarded handsomely due to the limited number of votes thus far. ICON rewards decrease as more ICX is staked. As of 2120 UTC on Aug 26, a total of 52,282,054 ICX is delegated (voted), equivalent to 10.66% of the circulating supply of 490,390,519 ICX.

A Voice for the ICON Community

ICONSENSUS is nearly here and staking will begin in less than a week on August 26th! This will consist of a pre-vote period, in which ICONists can stake their ICX using the ICONex official ICON wallet and be rewarded with an estimated ~15% annual return (based on 30% of network staked). ICONex will allow for users to choose which P-Rep(s) to vote for. I personally recommend voting for multiple P-Reps since there will be 22 P-Reps.

ICON Decentralized Applications (Part 3)

Today we are continuing our journey through Decentralized Applications (DApps) built on the ICON network. In our previous articles (ICON Decentralized Applications (Part 1) and ICON Decentralized Applications (Part 2) ), we presented overviews of several DApps built on ICON. We covered Blue Whale, weBloc, SOMESING, VELIC, ZenSports, MECA Coin / MECA Casino, STAYGE One and COSMOCHAIN. In this article, we continue with 3 more DApps: LogisticsX, DISCOVER X, and Airbloc.

ICX Staking FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Staking is a mechanism by which a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) cryptocurrency holder locks their cryptocurrency for a period of time to validate transactions. Users can delegate their cryptocurrency to teams that operate validating nodes. These validation nodes then use the cryptocurrency that is delegated to them to vote and validate transactions. In return, those who choose to stake are typically rewarded with cryptocurrency rewards at a specified percentage rate.

ICON: The Embodiment Of Democracy And The Free Market

The conception of democracy began millennia ago, with its origins in Ancient Greece and Ancient India, particularly, Athens. Citizens voted directly on legislation and executive bills, however, the democracy of Athens was far more primitive than our contemporary paradigm of global democracy. Within Athens, approximately 30% of the population could vote, siphoning equality and equity from the political paradigm of democracy as we know and understand it today. Women could not vote, foreigners could not vote, nor could slaves vote; you had to be a male citizen within Athens to obtain the unique privilege to vote on legislation.

The Harbinger Of Decentralized Democracy: ICONSENSUS

The notion of democratic equity is a focal component of the ICONSENSUS P-Rep Election! Participatory democracy in its purest form is one of the primary doctrines of the Icon ecosystem through decentralization. “The democratic aspiration is no mere phase of human history: it is human history”-Franklin Roosevelt. As new technological achievements and innovations are conceived it is crucial to embody the notions of equality, equity and democratic inclusivity to benefit the entirety of democracy: The Icon Ecosystem embodies these notions and beliefs.

Participatory Democracy: The Cornerstone of ICONSENSUS

Participatory democracy is a focal component of the Icon Ecosystem: the democratic paradigm conceived by the ICON Foundation alongside the P-Reps running for election will transform the Icon Ecosystem into a completely decentralized network by the people (ICONists) and for the people. Icon is a digital nation: a representative republic that amalgamates digital ingenuity with democratic republicanism.

Growth And Expansion: Globalized Representation Through ICONSENSUS

The ICONSENSUS Campaign has conceived of a new order of democratic republicanism: a global network of ICONists will make the crucial decision of deciding the representatives of the entirety of the ICON Ecosystem. With the P-Rep campaign in full swing, it is incumbent to realize that the evolution of democratic equity is at hand, and its harbinger is the ICON Ecosystem. P-Rep Candidates hail from all over the planet: from London, New York, South Korea, Germany etc. Since the beginning of June, eight new P-Rep Candidates have joined the ICONSENSUS Campaign.

The Conception of Digitized Democratic Equity: The ICON Paradigm

Democratic equity within our contemporary political system is a rarity when it comes to the global political paradigm. Despots reign supreme, tyranny is perpetuated throughout the globe, however, a new dawn is on the horizon, free from authoritative absolutism. The conception of digitized democracy will herald in a new dawn: a new birth of freedom that will perpetuate equity and republican representation of all citizens. ICON is the harbinger of decentralized democracy, as it has conceived of a new political paradigm that transforms contemporary democracy into a digitized ubiquitous concrete ideal.

Electoral Incumbents: The ICONSENSUS Story

Before the democratic election that will perpetuate and expand the ICON Ecosystem onto a global frontier, familiarization and education are crucial components of any electoral event regarding the general populace. The P-Rep discussion panel, which I had the honor of moderating, provides ICONists with a unique perspective from each different P-Rep who attended the discussion regarding the expansion of the ICON Ecosystem in the very near future..

Prepare for ICON staking: moving your coins to your own wallet

ICONSENSUS is the decentralization of the ICON network! This event consists of ICONists (ICX holders) using their ICX to vote for Public Representatives (P-Reps) to run the ICON network in a decentralized manner. These votes will be done through staking with the different P-Reps, resulting in rewards for the ICONists for their dedication to the ICON network. Pre-vote staking will commence on August 26th, with the election of P-Reps happening a month later. The staking rewards will range from 6%-36% annually (depending on the amount of ICX staked on the network). For an overview of voting and what different ICONists are looking for in their P-Reps, please see our previous article. You can see a full list of the current P-Rep candidates on the ICON community webpage.

Who are the candidates for ICONs Got Talent 2019?

Following the ICON Transaction challenge, ICON held one final contest, called ICON’s Got Talent. The purpose of this contest is to identify the top 6 Decentralized Applications (DApps). A diversified group of 10 judges will evaluate projects based on the evaluation criteria and 6 teams with the highest average score will be selected as final winners

A Closer Look at ICON’s IISS Updates

On July 24, ICON provided an update to the Yellow Paper, in a New Version 2.0 (IISS 2.0). This update came roughly 5 hours after ICON announced the highly anticipated date that staking on the ICON network begins: August 26. The IISS updates came as a bit of a surprise to many of us in the ICON community. I shared several conversations on Telegram with multiple ICONists and other P-Rep candidates.

ZenSports: Peer-to-Peer Mobile Sports Betting On the ICON Network

ZenSports is a modern peer-to-peer sports betting marketplace where anyone can create and accept sports bets with anyone else in the world, without the need for a centralized bookmaker. ZenSports is built on the ICON Network, taking full advantage of the digital age and the efficiencies and advantages of blockchain. In less than a year after launch, ZenSports has quickly become one of the top ICON decentralized applications (DApps) and continues to make advancements and continually improve and expand the system.

ICON The Art of P-Rep Selection

As we approach ICONSENSUS in September, ICX holders will have the option to vote for Public Representatives (P-Reps) to govern the ICON network and manage nodes to run the blockchain in a decentralized manner. ICX holders (or ICONists) will vote for different P-Reps by staking with them. 1 ICX = 1 vote, and in turn the ICX holder will be rewarded handsomely for staking. More details on this in our previous article on staking (note that staking begins in August, with voting in September). ICONists can split their votes to different P-Rep teams.

ICON Decentralized Applications (Part 2)

Today we are continuing our journey through Decentralized Applications (DApps) built on the ICON network. In our previous article, we presented overviews of some DApps built on ICON. We covered Blue Whale, weBloc, SOMESING, VELIC, and ZenSports. In this article, we continue with 3 more DApps. Jul 15 · 4 min read

VELIC: Digital Exchange Built On the ICON Network

VELIC is the first exchange to launch within the growing ICON ecosystem! This is significant and I wanted to take a deeper look into VELIC. I had conversations with VELIC to discuss information and wrote this article based on the information I can share in public forum, as well as publicly available information / articles! I hope you enjoy this article and I encourage other ICON ecosystem partners and DApps to please reach out to me if you would like me to cover your project. I enjoy learning about the individual DApps and ecosystems partners that together make ICON great!

Overview of ICON P-Rep Candidates

As we have said in our previous article there are 43 P-Rep Candidates that seek to represent ICONists (as of July 5th, with more being added daily). These P-Reps are comprised of teams from all over the world, with unique skill sets and goals. The full active list of P-Rep candidates is located at: https://icon.community/iconsensus/candidates/

ICONSENSUS and the election of P-Reps (Public Representatives)

I would like to start off by providing background information necessary to further understand this article. What is a P-Rep: P-Reps “propose and vote on policies that maximize overall ICONists interest of the ICON network.” (as stated in the ICONstitution and Governance paper). Equally important, P-Reps also run nodes to produce and verify transactions on the ICON network.

ICON Inflation Simplified

In this article, I present a simpler and broader view of inflation rewards. The resulting data is based on % of circulating supply staked, ranging from 0 to 100%. I removed ICON transaction effects, as it is impossible to accurately guess what these will be in the future since the ICON decentralized network has not even launched yet. Transactions will lower inflation, leading to a higher value increase through staking, so the data presented below are the WORSE-CASE, given the scenarios, as inflation will go down with every ICX transaction.


ICON INFLATION DEMYSTIFIED As we approach ICONSENSUS, there is a great amount of excitement around the ICON network. ICONSENSUS will fulfill the promised decentralization of the ICON network as laid out in the original ICON Whitepaper. This event will offer the opportunity for ICONists to vote for their favorite Public Representatives (P-Reps) to run, govern, protect and enhance the ICON network. Additionally, ICX holders will have the opportunity to stake their tokens by delegating them to a P-Rep for a period of time of between 5 and 20 days. In return for delegating their ICX, the holder will be rewarded I-Score, which is convertible to ICX through the Public Treasury.

ICON Decentralized Applications (Part 1)

What is a Decentralized Application? A decentralized application(DApp) is an application which runs on a decentralized network and utilizes its resources. The main characteristics of a DApp include: open source code, all users have equal rights to change the data, no central point of failure and usage of the internal currency..

P-Rep TestNet Mid-June Update

Greetings fellow ICONists! We’ve been in the P-Rep TestNet Phase 2 for almost 2 weeks now and I wanted to provide a quick update. My previous article described the purpose of the TestNet and provided an initial status. In case you missed it, TestNet Phase 2 is the final testing and practice of block production and transaction validation for P-Reps, prior to P-Rep elections in September (Staking for every ICONist $$$).

P-Rep TestNet 2nd Phase Underway!

Greetings fellow ICONists! The P-Rep TestNet 2nd Phase launched at UTC 0500 today! This second TestNET is a chance for P-Rep candidates and ICON enthusiasts to setup a node and participate in the ICON Network. The TestNet will test block productions and validation, intensive transaction load testing, and hard force and governance training. The purpose of the testing is to expose P-Rep candidates to diverse test situations in order to mitigate risk and ensure smooth operations prior to P-Rep.

Overview of Staking on ICON Network

Staking is a mechanism by which a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) cryptocurrency holder locks their cryptocurrency for a period of time to validate transactions. Users can delegate their cryptocurrency to teams that operate validating nodes. These validation nodes then use the cryptocurrency that is delegated to them to vote and validate transactions. In return, the customers who chose to stake with a particular node are rewarded with cryptocurrency at a specific rate.


This year will be a great year for ICON. During the ‘crypto winter’ of 2018, ICON continued to build and develop their technology, laying the foundation for even bigger things to come in 2019, especially in the second half of 2019 with ICONSENSUS!

ICONSENSUS Resiliency (Part 2: Sys Ops Security)

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed the need for resilient nodes as a key to a successful decentralized ICON network. Part 1 covered several aspects of resiliency at a high level. In this iteration, we will take a deeper look into System Operations (Sys Ops) and go over some necessary security practices and options as it relates to setting up a Node on AWS.

ICONSENSUS Resiliency (Part 1: Introduction)

As we approach ICONSENSUS, we are excited to be a part of the ICON network decentralization! This comes with much anticipation as well as challenges from the unknowns. In order to better prepare for what lies ahead, I wanted to put a series of articles out to start the conversation regarding setting up resilient nodes.