Keep track of where you've been using Breadcrmb! Store your data on the highly available and secure ICON blockchain. Take control of your data from the third parties. Your data, your blockchain key, your password, and your choice of what to do with it. Log locations visited, rate them, and store them locally on your phone and the blockchain with your key, without having prying eyes looking at your personal data and tracking you.

Your connection to the blockchain is through the key you keep. Thus unless you make known the connection between your person and the key, no one should be able to tell the data belongs to you. In the future, one may choose to purposely connect these items and sell the data to a third party. Other location apps won't allow you to do this, since you hand over your data by using the app. Breadcrmb does not own your data - you do, and it is 100% up to you what you would like to do with it!

Our DApp Breadcrmb was selected as a final winner in ICON’s Got Talent! The prize received by Breadcrumb was 50,000 ICX, approx. $ 10,000.